Corners are a place to get lost. To hide from the world and from problems. We tried corners. And I tried, honest I did. But, there were these cracks that just needed to be counted. And faded lines to trace where our painting didn't quite finish (and that paint fight was HIS fault not mine, thank you very much.) And really, when you can disappear into your head with protection on multiple sides, the corner is not as conducive to "thinking about what you did wrong" as HE would want.

So we tried other alternatives. Sitting on the bed resulted in naps. The chair was a bit too close to the bookcase. We are not going to even discuss the incident in the kitchen! (Again, not my fault!) Toby finally found the window. Or more accurately the floor under the window. With Toby always nearby and me looking into the room and not getting distracted by anything, I could do it. I could sit. And calm down. And start to breath freely and not as if there was an elephant sitting on my chest. And think.

And so, here I sit. Until, finally, I relent.

"Toby? I'm ready to talk."

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